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    Fit Process

    Have you ever seen yourself run? Most people have not. We utilize the latest video technology to record your running form and provide observations. You will be able to give your new shoes a test run and receive our expert advice on the best possible shoe for your unique style.

    There are several things we take into consideration while finding your perfect fit

    Fitness Goals, Accurate Sizing, Foot Arch, Running Style, Injury History, Walking & Video Analysis


    Step 1: Stop on in!

    Running stores can be intimidating. Our mission is to create a comfortable environment for everyone. It's okay if you're new to running or if you've been running your entire life. We are here for you! No appointments needed, one of our trained team members will be happy to assist you with a personal fitting.


    Step 2: Assessing your stride!

    We want to get to know a little about you! Shoes are generally categorized into 2 broad categories: neutral and stability. By looking at the arch of your foot while running or walking, we can either suggest a shoe with a neutral platform or one with a bit of added stability to help with flatter arches or over pronation. We may ask about your prior shoe choices, whether you'll be utilizing an insole and what activities you'll be using the shoes for and any injuries you're experiencing. These bits of information give us a starting point in finding the right shoe for you.

    Step 3: Learning about your options.

    We have many options to choose from. Based on our assessment, we will begin with a few different models and listen closely to how you feel in each pair. We will check the length and width of each option and provide our expert knowledge of each shoe model and their features.


    Step 4: "Give them a test run."

    Finding the right shoes may take a little time. Sizing irregularities are common, and each brand and model will fit slightly different. We invite you try out each model on our in-store treadmill to get a good feel for the differences between each shoe. The model thats right for you is the model YOU feel your best in. If you don't like an option we will happily move on. If a certain shoe catches your eye, let us know and we will bring it out for you to try.

    Step 5: Making the right decision.

    Once you've picked your shoes, you're on your way! We will do our best to stock the most popular colors, but special orders are accommodated whenever possible. We are happy to educate you on the benefits of Currex insoles, socks and other accessories that will help you on your fitness journey.


    Step 6: Get moving!

    Now comes the fun part, put them to use. Enjoy your new sneakers and all the miles they will take you on. Upon purchasing we will set you up with a customer profile which will save your details for the future. Most manufacturers recommend changing your footwear every 300-400 miles. This keeps your body healthy and happy and helps avoid injury. When you're ready for a new pair we will be able to see what/when you purchased in the past to get you the same or similar shoes when you're ready. We can't wait to see you out there.

    Have any questions?

    Feel free to call us or visit our store, we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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