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    This is our story and we're running with it.

    I remember dragging my husband along for his first two-mile run in Costa Mesa, CA in 2005, shortly after we met. Neither of us grew up runners. But over the years we have developed a love for running as a way to keep our relationship healthy, stay fit, and connect with groups of people that have similar interests. While we are competitive in so many aspects of our lives, including when we hit the last leg of a race, we do not run to win. We run because we love all of it.

    A lot happened between that first 2 mile run and deciding to open a LOCAL, Grass Roots, Running Specialty store in Saratoga Springs, NY. We got married, bought a house, sold a house, got new jobs, moved throughout the country, and then moved to Upstate NY in 2011. Through it all though there was a common denominator - RUNNING.

    In 2012 we ran the Lake George Half Marathon together as part of our training for our first Tough Mudder. Following the high of the Mudder I convinced Anthony to train and run our first marathon together in 2012 in Philadelphia. Most of our training was done in the heart of Saratoga Springs. By the end of our training program, we were dizzy with the number of loops we ran in Spa State Park. We ran through downtown and up North Broadway to Skidmore, often discussing how Saratoga needs its own Specialty Running Store. We were tired of having to leave town to get running essentials such as GU. There should be a place where runners and walkers of all abilities can buy the latest gear, find the best long distance running shoes for their needs, learn about local running events including 5k, 10k, half and marathon races, and connect with their community in Saratoga. This dream turned into a leap of faith when iRun LOCAL began.

    As owner of iRun LOCAL, I bring a dedication to assisting people of all athletic abilities to meet their fitness goals and connect with their local community. Outreach is one of the founding principles we will always stand by. We actively partner and volunteer with local organizations that help improve the community we share and love. Through our partnerships I want to plug people into places where they can help give back to the city that brings us so much joy.


    The shop.

    iRun LOCAL is a place where you can feel comfortable and connect with other runners and walkers. We are proud to perform video running and walking analysis on every guest, at no charge. Our expert team will recommend the best footwear, apparel, and gear to help you achieve your goals, look your best, and want to get you there and get it done.

    In addition to our brick and mortar store located in the heart of historic downtown Saratoga Springs, you can shop online.

    From our shop, you can STEP INTO HISTORY with our Running Tour of Saratoga Springs, run beautiful local routes, walk the shops on BROADWAY, meet for Happy Hour Fun Runs, and participate as part of the local running and walking community. We are here to serve you! Contact info@irunlocal.com to plan your tour.

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