Sandra Gallagher

Coach S

Sandra of IRunTons is a dedicated running coach for our running and multi-sport athletes. She has 20 years of personal running and competition experience through high school, college and post collegiate running and triathlon racing under her belt. She also brings a wealth of coaching knowledge via the 10 plus years of coaching of high school and collegiate athletes, and private coaching clients experience. With individualized attention to form, cadence and the realities of your training availability, Sandra brings the best of Division I training directly to you.

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Personalized Training Programs

Coach S offers a variety of customized training programs to help runners achieve their goals, from improving the 100m time, running the first 5K, to achieving full marathon success.

Courses Include:

  • Track sprinting and distance
  • Cross country
  • 5K, 10K, 15K
  • Half and full marathons