Newton Energy Experience

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The first thing I noticed about the Newton Running shoe line is the vibrancy of the colors and the unmistakable “lug” technology each shoe features. The “lugs” seemed strange to me at first. I’m a moderate, heel-striking runner and have learned about the science and proposed benefits of mid-foot striking. The running stores I’ve frequented in the past have typically recommended a traditional, cushy, and supportive shoe. The Newton energy is not that. Although it is dubbed a “Gateway” shoe, it is ideal for a runner like I, looking to switch up their ride with a unique new design and minimalist style. The Newton Energy is light – weighing in at a minimal 7oz for ladies. The drop is 6mm so certainly not the most minimalistic shoe Newton has to offer. The first step in a Newton shoe is– interesting. For the unfamiliar – the Newton technology seems to pull the mid-foot of your foot to the ground first. Being that the shoe is so light, I did feel like I was bouncing as I ran. No first impression is complete without describing the way my body felt the next day. I certainly felt like my body had engaged muscles I wasn’t previously using. My calf muscles, glutes, and feet all felt a bit sore the day after. I agree that a transition process is best when moving towards a more minimal shoe – low mileage and easy pace for the first few runs. The discomfort following a run in my Newton shoes has gone away – and I feel like I’m strengthening parts of my body that I wouldn’t have historically toned. It cannot be ignored that these shoes look awesome. They stand out and scream fitness and everyday style. Run Happy – Run LOCAL!