Newton Fate Review

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When the Newton Fate was released it was met with a great deal of skepticism. The shoe was a replacement for the venerable Sir Isaac which had a very large and loyal following. The Fate marked a fairly drastic departure from the Sir Isaac by shaving over 2 oz. per shoe and adopting the new …

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Pearl Izumi EM Road N2 Road Test

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I’m not going to lie – I wasn’t sure what to expect when my first pair of Pearl Izumi shoes arrived. The Pearl Izumi EM Road N2 are the latest in the neutral mileage trainer series. This model features a low 4mm drop allowing your foot to feel the road beneath you. It’s difficult to …

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Newton Energy Experience

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The first thing I noticed about the Newton Running shoe line is the vibrancy of the colors and the unmistakable “lug” technology each shoe features. The “lugs” seemed strange to me at first. I’m a moderate, heel-striking runner and have learned about the science and proposed benefits of mid-foot striking. The running stores I’ve frequented …

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